Cocktails and Canvas specialise in corporate team building and year-end Paint Events such as Company Murals.

Painting Company Murals for Team building events are a very popular choice;

  • Custom canvas sizes can be made up to order for corporate paint sessions to fit specific company decor requirements.
  • Paint your company logo or a colourful picture as your Mural for display on the office wall.
  • Alternatively Choose a piece from our catalogue for each member to paint and take home to display and show off their artistic side to their family & friends!

Group Company Murals

Team building Company Mural paintnig

Johannesburg City Skyline Group Company Mural painting

 Book your corporate function and create your own unique company mural with Cocktails and Canvas!

Team building - Company Murals

Group Murals

View some of our corporate function and Year-end Company Mural events in the gallery below:

  • Team building company Mural painting - Boston Scientific
  • FNB team building mural painting
  • team building FNB Mural painting
  • group team building mural painting
  • corporate Team building Flower Mural painted
  • Corporate Team building mural painting
  • team building painting mural
  • team building painting mural
  • Bryanston Shopping Mall team building mural
  • Bryanston Shopping Mall team building mural
  • Bryanston Shopping Mall team building mural
  • Creative Team painting session Bryanston mall
  • Team building Mural paintnig
  • Mural painting - Corporate Team building event
  • Creative team building - painted Africa mural
  • Team building - Group Murals
  • Corproate creative team building mural on office wall
  • Hollard Brand Rangers Corporate Team Building